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Exclusive Custom Signature

Print your name or signature on the keyboard base for free, you can also print the name of others, this will be a unique gift...

Halloween Best Gifts Theme Keyboard from KEMOVE SHADOW
60% Mechanical Keyboard KEMOVE SNOWFOX Halloween Theme Version

Product Feature


Gateron Mechanical Switches

High quality Gateron mechanical switches, the lifespan of over 50 million keystrokes. Avariety of switches are available to meet your gaming and office needs, And of course, Kailh, Cherry's 3 or 5 pins switch are compatible also...

Halloween Theme PBT Keycaps

Exclusive design Halloween theme personalized keycaps, 90% PBT content, textured high-grade oil-proof PBT, more durable than ABS, perfect touch, let you enjoy every click during the game...

Support Hot Swappable

Pre-installed Gateron mechanical switches, feel free to replace the switches, easy to Custom Your Keyboard. The package comes with keycap puller, switch puller, and 3 additional Gateron mechanical switches(Yellow, White, and Green) for you to enjoy different experiences...


Keys Remapping:You can edit any key in each layer to the key function you need.
Macro Settings:You can create a set of your own instructions through macro and put it on any keys as you want.
Related Program:You can associate programs you want and select the specific layer for this program.
Lighting Setting:You can edit the zones and status frame by frame to literally accomplish numerous lighting modes. 20 (5 per layer) lighting modes can be chosen to configure on the keyboard.